Completion of New Nzove Water Treatment Plant

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Recently completed New Nzove water treatment plant (Sedimentation and slow mixing tanks)

In line with the achieving the objectives of National Water Supply and Sanitation Policy, EDPRS II and 7GP, WASAC Ltd embarked on a project to increase water supply in the city of Kigali; dubbed New Nzove water treatment plant. The principle objective was to provide sufficient and sustainable water supply to the residents of Kigali City and surrounding areas of shared water network.  

The project consists of some new additions:

1.      Newly constructed water intake, which solves the issue of turbidity (too much mud in raw water occurs after heavy rains)

1.      Filters

1.      Chlorination room

Production of chlorine that will be used to treat the water, killing all harmful bacteria.

1.      Administration building with Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA system)

SCADA is a software that controls and monitors the daily operations at the water treatment plant in real time. It monitors the reservoirs water levels, detects any leakages within the water network at the plant. 


Nzove Water Treatment Plant 

Sedimentation area at Nzove Water Treatment Plant 

The project will deliver the following outputs:  

1.      Construction of new 40,000 m3/day water treatment plant expandable to 65,000 m3/day

2.      Extending the capacity of Nzove II Water Treatment Plant from 25,000 m3/day to 40,000 m3/day which was inaugurated in March 2016. 

3.      Supply and installation of Hypochlorite generating plant 

Water production capacity in Kigali will increase from 65, 000 m3/day (current production capacity) to 145,000 m3/day. This is a sum of Nzove water treatment plant (105,000m³) production from Karenge water treatment plant (15,000m³) and Kimisagara water treatment plant (25,000m³)