Board of Directors

Written by Super User.



Three years ago, the Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASA C) was institutionalized as part of water sector reforms to ensure establishment of a business oriented institution that would be self-sustaining and attract investments.

This is in line with the vision of being the most sustainable water utility in Africa, a vision we have set for ourselves and have embarked on crafting strategies and treading the path towards its attainment. It is a target that marries well with the national development aspirations spelt out in Vision 2020 and EDPRS2 that aim at enabling 100% of the entire Rwanda population access quality potable water at their disposal.

It is also expected that by 2020, we shall have reduced distances from dwelling units to water sources to 200 meters in urban areas and 500 meters in rural areas.

 In the next few years, WASA C will be much more involved in network intensification and extension, rehabilitation of old pipes and overall expansion of water production facilities. With better organized rural settlements, it is becoming much easier to connect communities which reduce the cost per unit connection compared to isolated settlements.

 Investment in rural water projects requires that local private entrepreneurs start working with WASA C in the areas of joint investment, management and maintenance of rural water facilities. Entrepreneurs should not perceive water distribution as a solely government responsibility; it is a sector where they can invest, diversify their incomes and support the government in achieving the national water distribution targets. The tariffs have been revised and WASA C is ready to provide all the required technical support to entrepreneurs in the water sector.

Sanitation has also been given a high-table position in WASA C operations. Revision of the water and sanitation policy is ongoing. We have been very cautious on the development of a central sewage system, taking into consideration the topography of Kigali. We are looking at different types and models of sewerage systems that would suit best to and be implemented in the growing Kigali and secondary cities.

The sanitation master plans for most of the secondary cities are being developed and shall be validated sometime this year.

So, our esteemed water users and partners, the reform wagon has taken off and I am calling upon you to embark with us. We are now building a legacy of efficiency, a culture of professionalism and tenets of providing quality customer services. High quality water services are becoming a norm—a practice that we should never waver away from and your incessant feedback shall drive WASAC to even greater heights.

WASA C staff has been empowered and are now aware there’s no room for complacence, no laxity in perfect services and zero tolerance to corruption and other practices inconsistent with the vision of WASA C.

 Dear customers, your satisfaction being at the centre of all our strategies, projects and products, I call upon you to trust, challenge and venture with us in our reform journey and be part of the envisioned WASA C legacy!