Development of National Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Master plans- Workshop

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The Development of the National Integrated Water supply and Sanitation Master plans workshop

Kigali, 29th May 2018 - WASAC Branch managers, Heads of Water treatment plants, District WASH officers, Private operators and other relevant water sector stakeholders gathered on 29th and 30th May at Centre Saint Paul for the Development of National Integrated Water supply and Sanitation Master plans workshop.

The purpose of the project is to provide the Government of the Republic of Rwanda with long-term 25-year Master Plans and 10-year investment plans for Water Supply and Sanitation for the entire Country, which will allow the identification and implementation of effective Water Supply and Sanitation Projects.

Participants attentively following the presentations

The project’s immediate outcomes will be:

1. A tool (Master Plan) which allows maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of future investments in Water Supply and Sanitation and can attract additional funds for these investments and

2. to improve capacities of WASAC and of Districts to plan, design, finance, implement and manage water and sanitation projects and infrastructure. 

This will result in the following main long-term impacts:

•          Water Supply and Sanitation coverage are increased (as required by Vision 2020 and WatSan Strategy Objective 1).

•          Sustainability of Water Supply and Sanitation services is assured (as required by WatSan Strategy Objectives 2+3).

•          Rural and Urban Areas have sufficient sewerage and waste disposal systems (as required by Vision 2020).

Participants attentively following the presentations

The master plan will guarantee water sector stakeholders have a broad illustration of the water network and will be provided with vital information that will assist in making informed decisions on water network extensions, to supply the continuously growing city of Kigali. The master plan will also ensure that any leakages and pipe bursts are detected and any pipelines that need replacing will be identified easily.

Regarding sanitation, the master plan is currently at the Phase 1, which it is at the stage of collection and review of data relating to Sanitation Sector including sewerage, faecal sludge management, storm water management and solid waste management relevant for the Master Plan, from existing reports, studies and other documents.

As part of developing the National integrated water supply and sanitation master plans, there will be capacity building seminars that will edify  all those involved in the water sector (WASAC Branch Managers , Heads of treatment plants, District Engineers, private operators etc) regarding the master plans as a starting point in implementing the water supply and sanitation projects.