EAC Secretary General visits LV WATSAN project in Nyanza Distict

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EAC Secretary General on site at the Mpanga water treatment plant in Nyanza District

The East African Community (EAC)Secretary General visited the Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation project in Nyanza District on Wednesday 13th June 2018. The Secretary General was accompained by the Governor of Southern Province, Mayor of Nyanza and Deputy CEO of WASAC.

The LV WATSAN project in Rwanda consists of water treatment plants (including forwarding infrastructure), faecal sludge treatment plants and landfills in Nyanza, Kayonza and Nyagatare Districts.

In Nyanza District, Bishya Dam was constructed as the water intake point which holds 2.3 million cubic meters of water. Bishya Dam supplies Nyanza District (Mpanga water treatment plant) as well as Ruhango District.

Mpanga water treament plant has a capacity of 5,040 cubic meters per day. The plant distributes treated water to the main reservior tank which stores 2,000 cubic meters along tramission and distribution pipelines of 55km in length.