WASAC CEO gives journalists an exclusive tour around water supply systems

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WASAC CEO explains to journalist the functions of the SCADA software

Kigali, August 17th, 2018- Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC Ltd) held a press conference presenting on the ongoing projects in urban and rural areas in Rwanda this fiscal year 2018-2019. WASAC’s mission, who’s objective is providing quality, reliable and affordable water and sanitation services is based on the National Strategy for Transformation endorsed by the Government of Rwanda. 

A brief before the commencement of the media tour

Presently, access to clean water country on average stands at 85% in urban areas while it is 47% (2014) in rural areas. Regarding access to sanitation in urban areas stands at 84% and rural areas at 72.2% (2014). 

WASAC CEO explains to journalists about pumping station and its functions

WASAC Ltd is implementing over 40 water and sanitation projects country-wide worth approximately over USD 400 million to close the gaps in accessing water and sanitation. With such heavy investments made by Government of Rwanda and developmental partners, it is essential that there is adequate implementation of the projects. African Development Bank (AfDB) is also funding capacity building programs, providing support to WASAC staff and private operators to ensure operations are run a satisfactory manner.

In water supply, there are projects that consist of constructing, rehabilitating or extending water treatment plants and water supply systems. In sanitation, there are constructions centralized sewerage systems, landfills and modern latrine for schools.