Rulindo Residents witnessed to take advantage of water infrastructure availed to them

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The residents of Tumba Sector have expressed gratitude to the Government of Rwanda through WASAC Ltd and development partners for having made clean water accessible to them something that changed their living condition as they witnessed.

Testimonies were heard Wednesday 24th October 2018 when Deputies from African Development Fund were conducting a visit to infrastructures financed by African Development Bank.

ADF Deputies guided by the CEO of WASAC Ltd accompanied by the DCEO visited Nyirambuga Water Supply System in Tumba Sector of Rulindo District, a 50km WSS supplying clean water to 46,000 people including 18 schools and 2 health centers

Deputies from ADF visited Residents of Rulindo district to see different infrastructures

In his welcome remarks Eng. Aimé MUZOLA the CEO of WASAC Ltd said that the water infrastructure availed in Rulindo District served something big in WASAC Ltd mandate to make Rwandan access clean water. He went on commending the AfDB in general and ADF for a continuous support in development of water and sanitation sector in Rwanda.

In her testimony MUKANTABANA Francine a trader of local Sorghum beer said that the access to clean water benefited her both in social welfare of his family and in her daily business. She said that per day she used to buy 10 jercans of water at 2000 and now when they have access to clean water she only pays 200 Rfw per 10 jercans. For this, she saves much money and time.

MUKANTABANA Francine said that she saves much money and time as she has access to clean and affordable water

Talking about social welfare, Madam MUKARUKUNDO Thacienne, the Head of Tumba health Center said that before the construction of water facilities, 30% of registered patients were suffering from diseases caused by lack hygiene. “Today as we have full access to clean water at the Health Center and in our households the number of patients suffering from diseases caused by lack of hygiene is less than 0.02” witnessed the head of Tumba Health Center.

MUKARUKUNDO, Head of Tumba Health Center was apparently happy for availed clean water

Among other testimonies heard are those from students of IPRC Tumba, Patients caretakers at Tumba health center and other residents of Tumba sector. The common note to all was appreciation to WASAC Ltd and gratitude to the Government of Rwanda and its development partners, mainly the ADF-AfDB as also stressed by the Governor of Northern province Jean Marie Vianey GATABAZI.

Since 2004, the African Development Bank through Its African Development Fund has contributed in 4 programmes with total fund of 63.91 million UA to supply clean water to 2,108,424 people and sanitation facilities to 230,250 people in Rwanda.

The Governor of Northern Province JMV GATABAZI talking with Visitors from ADF-AfDB