REG and WASAC commemorated former 173 ELECTROGAZ Staff killed during 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi

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Each year, while Rwandans commemorate the genocide against Tutsis in 1994; Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) and Rwanda Energy Group (REG) organize an event to commemorate former 173 ELECTROGAZ staff killed during the genocide against Tutsi; this year, the event took place on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at Nyanza memorial site in Kicukiro District.

Guided by the Chief Executive Officers of the two utilities, the top officials of REG and WASAC together with the relatives of the former ELECTROGAZ staff started with laying a wreath at memorial built at REG Headquarters, where they took time to remember their loved ones

The commemoration was also marked by a walk to remember from IPRC Kigali to Nyanza memorial site in Kicukiro District. A walk of over 3km was done in a sense of remembering dreadful moments undergone by Tutsi who had come in former Eto Kicukiro to seek for protection of MINUAR but then abandoned to face Interahamwe militias

According to the Manager of Nyanza memorial site, after being left out by the so cold peace keepers Tutsi had to go all the way from former ETO Kicukiro under all kind tortures toward Nyanza where the perpetrators were arranged to entomb them in a place where garbage of the city used to be stocked. 


At Nyanza memorial site, a big group composed of mainly WASAC and REG Staff together with families and friends of former staff of ELECTROGAZ victims of Genocide against Tutsi visited the memorial site and lay a wreath before gathering for further commemoration activities.

Addressing the group, Ron Weiss, the Chief Executive Officer of REG said that what happened in Rwanda is very sad and he can't find words to express it but he hopes Genocide will never happen again in the future. He comforted the families of the victims of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi

Ron insisted on moral support needed to be given to survivors of genocide against tutsi as their wounds are still fresh. Taking reference to the case of Israel, the CEO of REG recalled that despite 80 years after Jewish genocide the trauma resulting to the tragedy is still present.

The commemoration was also marked by the sensational testimony by NZAMUKOSHA, a widower of SEGIKWIYE Paul the former employee of ELECTROGAZ. She narrated a sad death of his husband and a child during genocide against Tutsi. Ending her testimony, Nzamukosha praised the bravery that characterized Inkotanyi who stopped genocide and the efforts of the Government of Rwanda to reunite and develop the country.

In his remarks, Eng. Aimé MUZOLA the CEO of WASAC Ltd insisted on the rationale behind Kwibuka and what it should mean to people. “we will keep on commemorating since it gives us strength and values that help us to fight against genocide” said MUZOLA. He went on expressing the commitment by the utilities that replaced ELECTROGAZ to be close to the families of former staff killed during the genocide against Tutsi. The CEO of WASAC told them to associate themselves for the companies to easily assist them in their way to self-reliance.

The former ELECTROGAZ was a government-based institution established in 1976 to produce and supply electricity, water and gas in Rwanda operating in all areas countrywide. It is reported to be one of few institutions where many tutsi were employed before 1994 based on the fact that some of its leaders were not characterized by racism and segregation.

One hundred seventy-three (173) Tutsi Staff of former ELECTROGAZ were killed during the genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

We did not forget you and we will never forget you.