The Right Hon. Prime Minister inaugurated the New Nzove I WTP and reaffirm Government commitment to boost access to clean water

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Cutting inauguration ribbon  

Monday 06th May 2019 was a special day for WASAC and the Government of Rwanda when the Rt. Hon Prime Minister Eduard Ngirente inaugurated the New Nzove I Water Treatment Plant (40,000 m3/day), Nzove II upgraded from 25,000 m3/day to 40,000 m3/day as well as 8.6 km forwarding infrastructures.

According to the Premier, the completion of Nzove water infrastructures marks a significant step in the government journey towards 100% access to clean water.

“The new Nzove I and upgraded Nzove II Water Treatment Plants are a major milestone in providing access to clean drinking water to our citizens,” premier said

The Minister toured the plant and get explanations about water treatment process

The inauguration ceremony started by the Prime Minister accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure Ambassador Claver Gatete together with other guests touring the whole plant getting explanations from the CEO of WASAC Eng. Aime MUZOLA about water treatment process.

In his remarks after visiting the plant, the Minister of Infrastructure highlighted the main projects initiated both in Kigali City and all provinces aiming to increase access to clean water. The Minister stressed a lot on Kigali City where the population growth and rapid economic growth have been going beyond the capacity of existing water infrastructure in recent years. The Minister recognized the shortage of water in some parts of Kigali to mention: Kanombe, Nyarugunga, Masaka, Kimironko and other areas undergoing water rationing. Among solutions, Ambassador Gatete reiterated the ongoing project of upgrading, rehabilitating and extending Kigali City network executed under Rwanda Sustainable Water and Sanitation Program on AFDB financing. He mentioned that at the end of this project not later 2021 the City will leave Kigali with adequate water network ready to satisfy residents demand.

New Nzove I Water Treatment Plant

Addressing ceremony participants, the Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to whoever contributed to the completion of Nzove water facilities. He went on urging local leaders and partners in water supply management to avoid practices that prevent Rwandans from accessing clean water especially by applying unapproved tariffs and others.

Head of APACE High School giving his testimony about Nzove WTP impact

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Eduard Ngirente giving his remarks

Closing his remarks, the Rt. Hon Prime Minister Eduard Ngirente said that the Government considers a lot the role of water in daily life of human being. He reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Rwanda to do all possible to avail water to all Rwandans within the shortest time.

Nzove WTP get raw water from Nyabarongo River

Like Nzove II upgraded from 25,000 m3 to 40,000 m3 per day, the inaugurated New Nzove I 40,000 expandable to 65,000 m3/day get raw water from Nyabarongo River. The plants use a high technology in treatment which helps in reducing operation cost comparing to other plants. As per now, Nzove WTP produces over 70% used in Kigali City.

Nzove WTP is the leading WTP with highest technology in the region