Memorandum of Understanding between The Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd and Greenwater Team Sweden AB

December 12,  2016: The Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC Ltd) and Greenwater Team Sweden AB (GW)  entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see the installation of Greenwater KITS meant to provide safe drinking water to a total of 38,425.

Nyagatare District          
Rwimiyaga Sector, in Gatebe and Kirebe Cells: 5,000 people
Karangazi Sector, in Nyamirama and Ndama Cells: 12,500 people

Bugesera District
Juru sector in Juru and Mugorore cells: 12,925 people
Kimaranzara Cell: 8,000 people

Mr. James Sano, CEO of WASAC and Ms. Annika Johansson, CEO of Greenwater Team Sweden AB

Greenwater Team Sweden AB provides sustainable solutions for water purification systems in order to save lives.
The GW delegation, headed by Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Annika Johansson, was received by WASAC Ltd Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James Sano at WASAC Ltd Headquarter office.

Members of WASAC Ltd Management and Greenwater Team Sweden AB delegation

GW is committed to providing solutions for sustainable production of safe drinking water in the Region, through pilot project (PR25).  GW will provide the necessary capability, technology and knowledge to produce safe water according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for safe water regarding elimination of microbiological substances, total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms and E.Coli. WASAC Ltd will provide the necessary facilitation in terms of transport of kits to site, protection of kits and Water quality control, GW and assist in the training of local technicians, to name a few. GW will account for 70% of the total cost, leaving 30% to WASAC Ltd.
The PR25 project will be valid for three months running from the time the first KIT is installed and starts providing safe water.